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 We are different from other gun stores. We've built our store to be more inviting and less intimidating.  As professionals in the field, we've experienced many different sales and training environments.  We are confident that we can do it better!

We are dedicated to providing the most valuable experience in sales, service and training.  We can provide beginning, advanced and tactical firearms training.  We are excited to provide service for you because we LOVE what we do!

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Basic Pistol
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Pistol II
  1. Thursday, December 7th 6pm to 10pm
    Basic Pistol I /CCW - $60
    This course is designed to lay the groundwork for basic pistol handling, loading/unloading ammunition, selecting and storing a firearm and most importantly handgun safety. Skills learned in the classroom will be reinforced in the live fire, range time session which will be scheduled after completion of the classroom portion and requires additional range fees. Whether you have never held a gun before or have experience and want to refine your basic skills, this basic class will help you gain confidence in your ability to handle firearms safely. This class is held both onsite and off for live fire practice. Details provided at class.
  2. Thursday, December 28th 6pm to 10pm
    Home Firearm Safety - $60
    Students are taught rules for safe gun handling; firearm parts; loading/unloading; ammunition basics; cleaning; care; and safe storage of firearms in the home. Call to register 303-557-2140 Prerequisites: None Equipment: N/A (this class does not include live fire practice)
  3. Thursday December 14th 6pm to 10pm
    Pistol II/CCW Beyond the Basics- $80
    For those that already taken Basic Pistol I and wish to continue their training. Topics include: how to safely draw from a holster and safely re-holster, basic principles of concealment and cover, defensive mindset and legal considerations of concealed carry. This class is held both onsite and off for live fire practice. The live fire portion of this class will be scheduled after completion of the classroom portion and will required additional range fees. Details provided at class. Prerequisites: Basic Pistol I or Approved Pistol Training Required Equipment: Handgun Strong side leather or kydex holster
  4. Tuesday, December 21st 7pm to 9pm
    Cleaning and Maintenance - $40
    This class will teach the basics of keeping your gun in top condition. Our gunsmith will teach you how to disassemble and reassemble your firearm and clean it thoroughly. Bring your own cleaning supplies or buy them at class. Call to register 303-557-2140
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